We offer Counseling at Renewed Hope in the areas of Marriage and Family, Financial, Probation, Suicide concerns, and Mental Health issues such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, anger, etc.

We strive to give counsel which is consistent with the Bible and a Christian worldview.

Marcia Beare is a licensed social worker with a BA, and MA degree in social work.

John Tuinstra has a BS and MA in education and an MA in counseling and theology.



  1. Hello, my husband and I are looking to find a counselor who works with depression in marriage. I have suffered from depression for over 12 years and it has taken a toll on our marriage. We are searching for help that will address the depression and help us deal with the issues that the depression has caused in our home. We have two children and used to have a close relationship between all of us, we would like to figure out how to get back to that.

    Please contact me back with information on what we can do to find help for us.

    Thank you,

    Kim F.

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