Peter’s Story

Below is an article that appears in the Allegan News and Gazette’s Spotlight section in early 2016.


Renewed Hope Health Clinic – Making a Difference

At Renewed Hope Health Clinic, our mission is to provide free medical and mental health care services to uninsured or underinsured adults in Allegan County. It is with great satisfaction that we are able to help hundreds of patients, such as in the following case.


Peter is a well-educated professional, with a career in the social service industry. However, as is increasingly common these days, he fell upon hard times, resulting in medical costs beyond his ability to cope. Peter’s simultaneous challenges included personally catastrophic events, he lost his health insurance (along with his employment), and experienced some serious medical issues requiring urgent treatment.


Upon contacting Renewed Hope, he was assessed and seen promptly by Dr. Christopher Fish, who performed a physical assessment and ordered tests. Our partnership with Allegan General Hospital provides our patients with opportunities to access affordable testing, which was of benefit to Peter.


“My quality of life has improved dramatically,” Peter commented. “Dr. Fish was so attentive; he took as much time as was needed to address all my issues, and was very compassionate. I’m so thankful to Renewed Hope for the assistance provided to me.”


One week after his first visit, volunteers had assisted him with a Medicaid application, Peter had his tests done, had a follow-up appointment, and was well on his way to overcoming his medical issues. He is now working again, and is doing well, both physically and financially.


Renewed Hope is staffed entirely by medical and clinical volunteers, and funded exclusively through grants and donations. It is with great joy that Renewed Hope staff are able to help many patients like Peter, who do not have the resources to pay for their medical and mental health care. For more information on the clinic and how you can help, please visit us at