Who Are Our Donors?

The funds for this EKG machine were generously donated partly by the Dunningville Reformed Church endowment fund. The EKG machine is a wonderful tool to get information quickly when considering a patient’s cardiac condition.
The Dunningville Reformed Church had an extra refrigerator they donated to Renewed Hope to store insulin.
The insulin stored here is much appreciated by our patients living with diabetes. Insulin can cost over $400 per month.
This computer is used by the clinic receptionist to schedule patient appointments. It was also a gift from the Dunningville Reformed Church Endowment Fund.
The Dunningville Reformed Church also donated funds to purchase these laptops used by clinic staff. These do everything from enrolling patients into insurance programs to researching resources for referrals.
The Dunningville Reformed Church has been wonderful in all of it’s donations via the Endowment Fund. The scale really helps each clinic day since tracking patient weights can often help make accurate diagnoses.
Many patients require bloodwork when coming to see one of the clinic physicians. When the blood samples are drawn, this centrifuge is needed to spin down several of the blood samples.
These Bibles were donated by the Martin Reformed Church. Staff wanted to have Bibles to give to those who wanted to have a Bible of their own when they needed comfort or direction in their lives.
These wall units were purchased with funds donated by the Perrigo Foundation. The wall units are also vital when making an accurate diagnosis.
The medications in this pharmacy are largely donated by Direct Relief USA and Americares. The physicians prescribe these medications and provide them to the patients who need them.
A community member named Les was very generous with his talents with wood. He custom built this table to be used in the clinic waiting room to display snacks, calendars and other pieces of information for the use of patients.
This Brother printer was donated by a community member who understood the need for a machine able to work under the large printing loads done at the clinic. It has also allowed the staff to archive large files no longer needed for daily use.
The snowman wall hangings were donated by a community member who put her sewing talents to work. These hangings help to dampen the sound of conversation taking place in the exam rooms. A cheerful way to maintain patient privacy.
This autoclave was donated by Dr. Warner. This machine ensures tools remain sterile.
Covid has impacted the clinic as well as most other businesses. These new phones were purchased using funds from Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. With these phones, staff can do their work remotely as well as at the clinic. Each station, at the clinic, now has a unique extension.
These work stations were donated by one of the volunteer physicians at Renewed Hope. These work stations give each staff person a measure of privacy, however staff can also easily interact with patients when needed.
This paper shredder was purchased with funds from the Mignon Sherwood Delano Foundation.
These chairs were purchased with funds from the Mignon Sherwood Delano Foundation.
This cross was donated by a community member who provides these as gifts.
This printer was purchased with funds from the Mignon Sherwood Delano Foundation.
This credenza was donated by one of the clinic past board members. The extra storage space is much appreciated by the clinic receptionist.
  • The Blue Cross Blue Shield Safety Net donates annually to Renewed Hope Free Health Clinic in the amount of $15,000. This can be changed annually as determined by Safety Net staff making allocations.
  • Funds are donated by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services in the amount of $11,000 in 2021. This donation amount changes annually depending on the number of clinics requesting funds through this fund.
  • Allegan County Community Foundation in 2020, $6,000 was donated to Renewed Hope. Amounts are determined after applications are submitted and reviewed by Foundation board members.