About Us

Currently providing care for several hundred patients; Renewed Hope strives to meet the needs of uninsured and under-insured adults living in Allegan County through providing medical, emotional, and spiritual care in a holistic environment by utilizing the skills of volunteer staff and medical personnel.

Using for its example, the renewal of covenants in the Bible, Renewed Hope renewed it’s covenant with the Lord.  That promise involved rededicating the Clinic, its staff and volunteers to model themselves after God’s calling – to give care and support to those who are sick and in need of healing.

All patients are treated equally and fairly, with compassion and caring, without discrimination regardless of age, sex, religious affiliation, disability or any other similar criteria. We can pray with or for you if you wish, or simply provide you with respectful medical care to the best of our ability from our volunteer staff given our limited resources.

Renewed Hope… Caring for our community… one life at a time.

COVID-19 Virus Information for Patients

Updated: 6/1/2020

Renewed Hope Health Clinic now has the opportunity to do COVID-19 testing on site. We are scheduling tests now, and you must have an appointment. Please contact the office at 269-355-3053, press 0 and speak or leave a message with our administrative manager to schedule an appointment. Tests are free to those who would normally qualify for our services.

The clinic is now open again, with a few protocols to promote safe operation. Doors are locked to outside visitors, and you will be admitted once we confirm that you do not have COVID-19 symptoms and that you are wearing a mask. You will be asked to sanitize your hands upon entry. If you do not need to enter, business will be conducted at the door or outside.

Administrative staff are now back in the office, ensuring a return to normal clinic operations. However, there may be times when some or all staff may be working from home, especially if they have symptoms or if there is no need to be physically present at the clinic. We have new digital phone and computer systems that provide the same access to clinic operations from home to our staff, except that paper charts may not be available, so some tasks may take longer to complete if they require access to your paper chart and visit history.

We are again holding regular office visits every second Saturday, as volunteer medical staff are available. If you are a current patient with routine needs, feel free to call the office to speak to us or leave a message, and we will schedule an appointment for you. Refills and referrals may be handled between appointment dates if you do not need to see the doctor in person. Our medical staff may be able to conduct some business between appointment dates by telephone, and in some cases, may be able to conduct more in-depth phone consultations if they deem it is appropriate. Our counseling/behavioral health services are also being offered by telephone at this time.

Allegan General Hospital is offering telehealth medicine at $20/visit. We recommend this option for any urgent situation that cannot be dealt with over the phone. We may be able to handle routine refills and issues (calling in prescriptions for simple infections, simple mental health, etc) over the phone, but you are encouraged to do the telehealth appointment for $20 if you are a new patient, or have a case that is too complex for our doctors to deal with. Use the code HOME and visit: this link.

For our regular patients, if you call is non-urgent and is not appropriate for Allegan Telehealth, then please leave a voicemail at the office (269) 355-3053, or email our executive director. Emails and voicemails will be returned within 24-48 hours. If your case is time sensitive and cannot wait for a return call or email on our next business day, you can reach the emergency office line at (269) 358-8839, but only for urgent cases that cannot wait for a return call or email when we are open.

We are a health care partner for the uninsured on the front lines addressing the current outbreak of COVID-19. Below is some helpful and key information that you should know.

  • Symptoms of the virus are mild to severe in nature. They includ cough, fever, and shortness of breath. In the most severe cases, patients develop organ failure and/or pneumonia in both lungs.

  • If you are experiencing these symptoms and they are mild, you will likely be advised to stay home and self-quarantine for 14 days. There is no cure, vaccine or medicine that will lessen the severity of symptoms, other than usual treatment for the flu (hydration, rest, treatment of other symptoms like fever and congestion with over-the-counter medication.

  • See medical attention when your symptoms worsen, particularly around shortness of breath and coughing. When you or others around you have traveled in areas of the world with proven exposure to the virus (and been in close proximity to someone who could possibly be infected), you may have the COVID-19 virus. If you are experiencing bouts of coughing and trouble catching your breath, it’s time to go to the emergency room to get tested, after you call ahead to let them know you are coming.

  • The virus originated in Asia, but it appears that people of all ages and ethnic groups are all susceptible to carry the virus, spread it and become infected. Most people will experience mild symptoms comparable to a regular flu. This strain is most detrimental to those with underlying health conditions (lung disease, diabetes, compromised immune systems), and to the elderly. Healthy children and adults are less at risk at this time, although they can carry the virus and spread it to others.

  • COVID-19 is spread by being in close proximity to others who have the virus. It is thought that inhaling respiratory droplets from an infected individual that are airborne after they sneeze or cough is the primary mode of transmission. Touching an infected surface and then touching one’s eyes mouth or nose is another way the virus is spread.

For COVID-19, given the necessary timeliness of diagnosis and treatment, we are not a primary facility that can diagnose this viral infection immediately. Our testing services are available, but are offered based on volunteer availability. We do not have walk-in tests and often do not even have tests to offer within the upcoming week. If you exhibit the classic COVID-19 symptoms, you can call the Michigan DHS COVID-19 hotline number at 1-888-535-6136 to confirm and get the latest protocols and information on the disease. This is staffed by health professionals with the latest information that is changing by the day and sometimes by the hour. If they suggest that you get tested, you will undergo a telehealth video visit and then if referred, call ahead to the hospital in Kalamazoo or Grant Rapids, letting them know you are coming, and transport yourself there privately for testing. We anticipate the numbers of tests will be more greatly available in the coming days, and uninsured patients will get free testing (as announced by the federal government).

Our testing is most appropriate to diagnose you with COVID-19 if the timing of test availability works out to match when you are experiencing symptoms. Do not wait for a test appointment with us if one will not be available for some time, we will advise you to get tested in Kalamazoo, Holland or Grand Rapids if that is the case since we are currently planning to offer testing every 2 weeks. Our tests are appropriate for confirming that you are negative or have recovered from the virus after you have tested positive.

Best strategies for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and becoming infected:

  • maintain a social distance barrier of 6 feet from others while in public

  • Do not shake hands, hug or kiss

  • Cough into your elbow/sleeve/tissue, and dispose of tissues in a covered trash receptacle. Do not touch trash.

  • Disinfect commonly touched surfaces often. The virus can live on some surfaces anywhere from a minimum of 6 hours and up to 3 days.

  • Wash your hands often with soap/water and rub vigorously/thoroughly for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of 60% or greater if water/soap are not available. Washing is essential after blowing your nose, coughing, sneezing, using the bathroom, eating/preparing food or touching an infected surface
  • Try not to ever touch your face (eyes, mouth or nose) unless absolutely necessary

  • Most importantly, If you are ill or have symptoms, stay home.

Every day preventative action is the best way to prevent and delay infection. Strategies in place to prevent people from congregating in large groups are intended to slow the spread of the disease so as not to overwhelm the health care system, in order to maintain the capacity to be able to treat those with the most serious symptoms when they require it. Unfortunately, it is likely that most people may be exposed at one point or another over the next few months, but if the progression is sufficiently slowed, only a small number of serious cases will occur at any one time, which is far more manageable for doctors and hospitals.

We recommend that you visit the following links to find fact-based information and updates as they occur:

  • Michigan DHHS COVID-19 Information

  • CDC COVID-19 Information

  • Again, the key resources are the links above, and the Michigan DHS COVID-19 hotline at 1-888-535-6136. If you are experiencing economic hardship with paying bills, rent or food, a number of community agencies and federal programs are popping up to help. Some places to start, if you are experiencing difficulties,Dialing 211 gives you access to locally based information on resources available to help you.

    Questions? Please call us at 269-355-3053, press 0 from the main menu and speak to our administrative manager or leave a message for a call-back. Thank you.

    Services Provided

    As part of its mission, the clinic provides several different services.  Most services are by appointment only.  Please call the clinic at 269-355-3053 to schedule an appointment.

    Services include:

    • Medical Services
    • Mental Health Services
    • Patient Assistance Program: application to those participating pharmaceutical companies that provide their medications at reduced or no cost to non-insured patients
    • Referral to specialists where indicated
    • On-site Michigan Department of Health & Human Services certified Navigator, who can assist with applying and following up for Medicaid, cash, food and other MDHHS benefits
    • Assistance with applications such as housing and Medicare
    • Assistance with Social Security Disability applications

    Now Offering Cash Lab Testing to Everyone!

    We now offer cash prices for lab testing. Anyone, including those who would not ordinarily qualify for our free health care, are welcome and encouraged to use our cash lab, where prices are often far below insurance co-pays charged by hospital labs in the area. As we are affiliated with an independent lab, we draw the samples at the clinic and send them off-site for testing. If you have insurance coverage and find that your co-pays are just too high, or don’t qualify for our services but have no insurance (i.e. health sharing ministries), have your doctor write up a lab requisition and arrange for an appointment to have your sample taken, and we will forward the results to your doctor’s office within a few days. Payment for lab tests is due in cash or by credit/debit card at the time of testing. Please see the lists below for the tests available and cash prices.

    Note that patients of Renewed Hope are no longer charged a flat rate $10 testing rate.
    We will charge you at cost. Depending on the tests ordered, your total may be under $10 or could be higher, but you will only pay for the tests ordered and the typical charges are very low. Payment is due at the time of testing by cash or card. You must be an established patient of the clinic and have tests ordered by our providers. For tests that we cannot run in-house or that require urgent processing, you may be referred elsewhere and the lowest possible cost will be researched for you.

    How the Clinic Works

    The majority of staff at Renewed Hope are volunteers; from physicians to nurses and some office personnel. All staff and volunteers commit their time and energy to assure the people in Allegan County who have no insurance coverage are still provided quality medical care.  As of January 2016, Renewed Hope has been able to obtain financial support to help fund two of the staff positions.

    For eligible patients, a $10 donation will be expected for each medical or mental health appointment, however you will not be turned away if you are unable to pay. Mandatory charges are required in advance for in-house diagnostic testing (see below).

    Who is eligible for assistance

    In order to receive services at Renewed Hope the patient must:

    • Live in Allegan County
    • Are uninsured or under-insured (high deductible, inadequate coverage)
    • Be at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines (must provide proof of income)
    • Be 18 years of age or older
    • Must apply for Medicaid within 30 days of becoming a patient or provide proof that you have applied within the past 365 days (applications can be done by phone, on-site by appointment or you can complete the application yourself online/in-person at DHHS). An approval or denial letter is required every year to continue receiving services, you will be provided a reminder letter and must provide proof to continue being seen past 30 days of the date of that letter. In exceptional cases where you have Medicaid, Medicare or private insurance but face barriers to accessing health care at your assigned primary doctor’s office, you may, at our discretion, receive an exemption for this requirement from our Executive Director based on your circumstances.

    How YOU can help

    Renewed Hope is in need of people willing to:

    • Volunteer as medical personnel
    • Volunteer as support staff during clinic hours
    • Serve on the Renewed Hope Board of Directors
    • Provide fund raising assistance
    • Serve on the Renewed Hope Speakers Bureau

    Medical personnel is needed in all areas.  Physicians, nurses, emergency medical personnel, C.M.A., MA, and others with a background in medical services. This is our most critical volunteer need.

    Support staff includes answering phone and clerical services such as filing and other office duties as needed, organizing fundraisers, working with medical charts online or on paper, supply inventory, etc.

    Board of Directors: The Renewed Hope Board of Directors make decisions as to the policies and procedures that govern the Renewed Hope Clinic.  Board members are required to be a professing Christian.

    Fund Raising: Renewed Hope competes with other organizations for the limited funds available through grants and foundations.  Supplemental fund raising is crucial to assure services will remain available to those in need.

    Speakers Bureau: Organizations, community groups, and churches need to hear about the critical services provided by the Clinic.  If you have a gift for public speaking, your assistance would be most appreciated.


    We have just launched our donation campaign, to raise funds for clinic operations.  Please visit our Square donation page .

    You can join us in making a difference in the community. On this page, you will be able to securely donate using your credit card or bank account transfer, and you will receive a charitable donation tax receipt, We appreciate your participation and assistance in this fund-raising campaign.

    Prayer: Your prayers for guidance, good stewardship, and God’s blessings are requested.

    Cash donations: Our current grants do not cover all the expenses involved in providing quality care for our patients.  Your cash donation is welcome and very much appreciated.  Donations can be sent to Renewed Hope Health Clinic, 894 Marshall Street, Allegan, MI 49010.  Tax receipts are available upon request.

    Volunteers: Volunteers are needed to provide a variety of tasks at the Clinic.  Use of your gifts and talents assure that our patients receive quality care in a Christian atmosphere.  Hours are flexible.

    Good use sale items: Twice yearly the clinic holds a benefit sale; New or used items in good and working condition are welcome donations for the sale.  Please contact the clinic office for the date of the next scheduled sale before delivering your donation.

    Current Donations Needed

    • Copy Paper
    • Unexpired Glucose Testing Strips and testers

    • We do not run diagnostics specifically for Social Security claims. Other simple forms or assessments that are not medically required will be completed at the discretion of our medical providers.
    • We have limited arrangements with some specialists and with a podiatrist, who may be able to provide free or low-cost services upon referral. More medical specialist volunteers to see referred patients are always eagerly welcome.
    • Diagnostics are done in-house where possible through the generous provision of blood draw services by a volunteer. A mandatory at-cost charge is levied per test, which offsets the actual cost of testing. For diagnostics that cannot be run in-house and for radiology, diagnostics are run through local hospitals in Allegan, Plainwell or Kalamazoo at the lowest cost we can find for you. Borgess PIP in Plainwell, Bronson in Kalamazoo and Ascension in Allegan have worked with our patients in the past to provide patient assistance through their own charitable foundations, to offset specialist/ER/diagnostic fees.

    Our Patient Services Coordinator/MDHHS Navigator is available by appointment to assist with finding solutions to issues creating barriers of access to medical care. Examples include application to external programs/benefits, budgeting, prescription assistance or finding low-cost prescriptions, etc.